People, Objects and the Spaces In-between

Project Archive


Sound visualisations for legendary sound production house Visualising interactions in and around a building Visualising 3000 shipping routes Keynote at IXDA17 New York A Playful Analog Interface for Digital Music A Typographic Plot of GPS Data Passenger Tickets of Legendary Movie Characters A hands-on display of the creative power of chaos and order Organic digital structures born from payment transaction data Visualisation for Cancer Research UK Research Annual 2016 Typographic expressions of city population density Same again but with lights Identity and titles for design conference Story-sharing installation for Airbnb at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival Visual branding for data insights company Creating time based structures from real-time data Soft Circuit Presentation Remote Visualising the real-time flow of data through five of the Internet's biggest platforms The size of the U.S. economy in data Visualising the ebb and flow of a project A Stupidly Large Remote Control What does your mental health look like right now? Physical Souvenirs of Digital Data Exhibition at Dog & Pony, Munich Unique generative creatures made from tweets Physical interactions with email Data Visualisations of the 2014 World Cup Beijing's Air Quality Data in Physical Form Making music physical again Data you can hold in your hands An iPhone app for capturing the now An app for SUP Boarders Algorithmic Burgers Carefully Everywhere An Analogue box for Digital Things Visualising the Twitter archive for the Barcelona based design and art festival Servo-based weather forecast indicator Marking a moment in time Presentation at OFFF Cincinnati 2013 A Shakespearean twist on the events of the day A simple study of structure A Solo Exhibition on Design with Data Commission by EE for the launch of 4G 3D printed forms of iconic Manchester music Limited edition screen print for Ben Folds Five Data by itself is not enough, data needs poetry Number of kills by James Bond in official movies A Minimal Weather App for iOS A simple button reveals happy thoughts from people connected across the Internet A visual representation of the process of iteration Real-Time Polaroid Projection A talk about the creative process of iteration Thoughts, sketches, doodles on design, creativity and making The big red button for your iPhone camera Video of my talk at #See6 in Germany Creating laser-cut business cards 3D printed modular mementos of meeting Using a humble brown paper bag to create surprise and delight A simple visual representation of digital data A chaotic system to help you find things you didn't know you were looking for Storing digital memories in a physical box Trying to become a better maker Talk at FITC about six things within interactive design A personal mantra An iPhone app for bumping into things Death to Powerpoint Natural forms created with a system inspired by nature Two paths in the same space flowing together with occasional interruption but no longer touching Mapping connections Internet Connected Agnostic Display A super-simple stand for iPhone and iPad An Internet connected box tells you the weather A do nothing time wasting iPhone app Simple musical toy A memorable signal coming out of the noise Visualising my travel data A constantly moving, changing interface. Andy Polaine interviews me for COFA series of talks A tactile interface to create organic shapes Capturing abstract screens as I work A fluid dynamic system for graphic exploration The movement and placement of objects Fleeting digital moments become physical Little bits combine into something bigger My thoughts on interaction design Search, find, repeat Comma, semicolon, full-stop A hacked visual interface to streaming audio Creating an interface using a pattern found in nature Fluid anti-grid display mechanism Real-Time Jump Cuts Recycling dead media hack John Whitney inspired shapes Typographic expression of Thelonious Monk Using an analog material to control digital media This is what silence looks like Haunting images formed from simple processing A physical interface to past memories Creating a painting from sound input Creating a visual fingerprint of a movie A personal note from NYC A tool to explore Hitchcock's movies Code for designers Things become louder the nearer you are to them The shape of things to come Manipulate the message, manipulate the interface Edit your own version of the infamous shower scene Homage to legendary graphic designer