Brendan Dawes
The Aesthetics of Form and Code

Exploring the aesthetics of form and code.

I'm Brendan Dawes, a UK based artist and designer, using generative processes involving data, machine learning and algorithms, to create interactive installations, electronic objects, online experiences, data visualisations, motion graphics and imagery for screen and print.

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Explore the work: NFT / data / electronic / web / paper / plastic / pixels / iot / interface / time / memories / everything

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Produced for Use — Limited edition physical objects.

News / Sep 26 2021 / NFT auctioned with China's largest auction house

Process / A philosopher argues that an AI can’t be an artist

The Pandora Variations
A collaboration of music, choreography and generative art as a reaction to the pandemic, inspired by the myth of Pandora
The Collectors
Digital and Physical Sculptures born from Ethereum Transactions
Visualising moments in history captured on film, television or video
The Opponents
Digital sculptures formed from the 1994 arcade fighting game Tekken
Arcade Machine Dreams
Classic video games create flowing forms
The Swan
Creating a flowing sculptural form from an iconic ballet performance
Black Mamba’s Revenge
Using AI to visualise the final fight scene in Kill Bill Vol. One